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Registered Veterinary Technician - Small Shelter & Adoption Center

Location: Culver City, California
Date Posted: 11-23-2018
Job Summary:  Responsible for the highest quality of care possible for patients pre and post spay/neuter surgery and for the wellness of all the animals in our care.
Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
Supervise and Operations:
  • Train and supervise staff in performing physical assessments, flow and monitoring of surgery patients and basic medical procedures
  • Along with the Animal Care Manager, develop policies and procedures to ensure efficient and effective operations and ensure their implementation and monitoring over time
  • Supervise spay/neuter surgeries (on average) 50 dogs and cats per week that are done through a 3rd party mobile unit.  This includes the pre-operative, operative, and recovery process
  • Oversee care of animals and staff at multiple locations in LA county
  • Actively support staff; promote the development of skills related to the advancement of our goals and mission
  • Provide quality service to patients, volunteers, and staff, recognizing their individual contributions to the success of our organization
  • Maintain medical inventory and supplies
  • Develop policies and procedures to ensure efficient and effective operations and ensure their implementation and monitoring over time
  • Ensure compliance with DEA requirements
  • Supervise medical aspects of prepping animals for transports
Patient Care:
  • Triage all patients as they are checked in. Report health concerns to Animal Care Manager and or veterinarian
  • Provide excellent patient care
  • Assist veterinarians in procedures
  • Maintain all necessary drug logs and patient records
  • Stay current in knowledge of emergency drugs and protocol
  • Perform basic lab tests using in house equipment (eg centrifuge)
  • Administer animal vaccinations, tests, medications and treatments as directed
  • Other duties as assigned
The ideal candidate would meet the following requirements:
  • RVT or equivalent certification
  • Be experienced with basic veterinary medical concepts including but not limited to vaccine protocols, diseases management, anesthetic risks and euthanasia
  • Experience with overseeing a high volume of sick animals (eg - 30 ringworm kittens, UTI, giardia, etc.)
  • Able to communicate, in a professional manner, basic veterinary concepts to staff and be able to repeat information relayed by a veterinarian
  • Know animal behavior (for example: be able to identify aggressive or fearful behavior)
  • Be proficient at animal restraint for various procedures
  • Be available for emergency situations related to the care of an animal
  • Experience with performing basic lab tests
  • Possess an acceptable degree of dexterity in hands and fingers
  • Must have good vision including peripheral vision, fine detail, distance, depth perception
  • Ability to stand for long periods of time while performing work requiring concentration and manual dexterity
  • Lifting animals of all sizes, bending, stooping and walking on a daily basis
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